To Add A Miracle: A Mother’s Journey (FALL) into the World of Autoimmune Encephalitis and Autism


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Rebecca Jablon, the author of To Add A Miracle, tells the story of her sudden and dramatic fall into the world of autoimmune encephalitis, and resulting diagnosis of autism for her son, Yehuda.

  • How can a mother accept an unknown or rare diagnosis?
  • How can she grapple with an experimental and even further unknown treatment plan?
  • How can a mother not throw up her hands in total despair when top neurologists eventually throw up their hands?
  • How can she survive when she screams out, yet no one can answer, “What suddenly happened, overnight, to my five-year-old son?!!”No stranger to the world of rare illnesses, Yehuda’s sudden overnight descent into the unknown rocked the author’s family. Who or What had stolen her son’s words, skills, and identity?
  • “To Add A Miracle” details with raw honesty, sprinkled with moments of humor and laughter, the dark and light shadows of the Jablon family’s journey; the story also highlights the tremendous strength of Yehuda’s siblings and selected “messengers of miracles” along the way.

    With no filters, the story tells the author’s emotional journey as a mother in distress, facing piles of despair, culminating in a greater acceptance of the unacceptable, and a powerful recognition of the miracles that Yehuda has added to her family’s life.

    While many books have been written highlighting the challenges of raising a child with disabilities, autoimmune encephalitis is a recently discovered and often misunderstood illness with a shocking onset.

    The writing of To Add A Miracle was fueled by the author’s intense desire to spread awareness and hope, to strengthen mothers, fathers, families, and medical practitioners, as they bravely journey toward recovery or increased acceptance and strength.

  • Paperback ‏ : ‎ 210 pages
  • Author: Rebecca Jablon


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