Being Your Best Self: A Young Adult’s Guide to Conscious Living


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“Being Your Best Self” teaches a young adult how to be a good person, how to think positively, how to be open to opportunity and pursue knowledge (and more). The author, Kathy Poodiack, has gathered what she believes to be important life lessons and put them together in a way that young adults can relate to.

Each chapter introduces a concept, followed by a short story illustrating the concept, then affirmations and exercises to help the reader internalize the idea and the feeling associated with it. Kathy Poodiack is a medical professional, an oncology Physician Assistant, who has cared for people with cancer for over 35 years and has personally witnessed many of her patients make miraculous life transformations.

“Growing up, I experienced intolerance and judgment. I personally know what it feels like to be ostracized and ridiculed. I know about dedication and perseverance. I know about love, commitment and compromise. I have learned about compassion. I have learned how to follow my dreams.” Through this book, “Being Your Best Self” Kathy Poodiack has created a guidebook for living a life that is not only deeply happy, but profoundly self-aware. The reader will learn to lead a fuller life through “conscious living”. This book provides the steps for a creating a new and positive transformational lifestyle for young adults (and older adults, too).


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