The Shtetl Of Musnik: The Story Of The Zilber Family And Their Descendants


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On Wednesday August 27, 1941, the police and Lithuanian partisans evicted all the Jews of Musnik from their homes and on September 5, 1941, the partisans and police took all the Jews of Musnik (Musninkai) together with the Jews of Sirvintos and Gelvonai and the surrounding farms – men, women, and children – and shot them in the ditches of Pivonia near Vilkomir. This was the tragic end of the Jewish community of Musnik and of the Jewish communities of the Vilkomir Region of Lithuania.

**** For many years, Musnik had a vibrant Jewish community and the Zilbers were an active family there. The author of this book, a great grandson of the Zilbers, records the history of the Musnik shtetl and the progeny of the Zilbers. Dov Sidelsky has gathered documents, notes, and testimonies to create a memorial and historical account of the shtetl and the destruction that was brought upon the Jews by their enemies. Part One of this book is about the shtetl of Musnik – its location and history, how it became a shtetl, and the life of the Jews in the shtetl. Part Two is about the Zilber family and their descendants, beginning with the yichus and background of Sara Bluma and Zadok Zilber, followed by articles about prominent members of the family of the next generation and stories about later members of the family.

  • Paperback: 114 pages
  • Author: Dov Sidelsky
  • ISBN-13: 978-1936778652


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