Gematria of Genesis and Jewish Holy Days and Festivals



Dr. Richard Hardiman’s comprehensive and sophisticated book, Gematria of Genesis, is both an introduction and an advanced presentation of gematria. This book provides a deep look into the Jewish tradition of reading numerical values of the letters as an essential tool in understanding the original words of the Hebrew Bible. Why does the Bible begin with the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet instead of the first? Through the lens of gematria, Dr. Hardiman shows the reader how to use numeric methods to reveal the hidden perspectives on this question, and others in the Torah. Dr. Hardiman draws from classical Jewish sources (Sefer Yetzirah, Abulafia) and maintains a multicultural eye towards similarities of thought and approach (Lao Tzu), as well as offering a real wealth of his original meditations on the words of Torah, in the book of Genesis in particular.Gematria of Genesis, is a refreshingly original interpretation of the rich Jewish spiritual lore dealing with the very beginnings of our world. The author skillfully guides his readers through the fundamental concepts of gematria, how they are mirrored in the weekly readings of the Book of Genesis and the way in which gematria manifests itself in the deeper meaning of traditional Jewish holy days. Dr. Hardiman’s lucid style testifies to his ability to vividly convey sometimes arcane topics to a lay audience. The appendices also merit careful reading, since they outline possible parallels between Jewish and other ancient and eastern cultures, such as the Chinese oracle – the I Ching. Gematria of Genesis will prove itself to be a valuable addition to everyone’s library.


  • Paperback: 240 pages
  • Author: Richard Hardiman
  • ISBN-13: 978-1946124500

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