“The Melting Pot: A Tale of Three Citizens” is a uniquely-written historical novel of three unrelated people – until their lives become quite related. The author, Isabel Berman, blends her captivating novel through Jewish ritual and Israeli history. She has woven the fictionalized accounts of the Aliyah (immigration to Israel) of two former students and a longtime friend – a Catholic whose convoluted history brought him to Israel, a Jew who only found out about his heritage as a teenager, and a Scandinavian woman who married an Israeli in Paris. The paths of all three crossed in the Israeli army; Berman harnesses these personal journeys to weave together a moving tale of incredible coincidences, fate, and human connections. All three of their stories are quite remarkable and intersect in the way that David Ben Gurion defined the Israeli melting pot – through the Israeli army, the IDF.


  • Paperback : 416 pages
  • Author: Isabel Berman
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1946124692


The book is estimated to begin shipping in Israel after October 15, 2020.


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