In The Plains Of The Wilderness: Anthologies Of Modern Jewish History


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In the Plains of the Wilderness presents a fresh picture to understanding the trends and events in the modern Jewish world by examining significant episodes of Jewish history. Paul Azous documents the Jews’ transition from culture to culture, traversing through the wilderness, and supports his research with more than 800 annotations. Although Jewish history is long and detailed, and reconstructing and elucidating each time period would normally require a vast work of its own, the author has successfully culled the key events of the past 3,000 years to form a cohesive and thorough analysis of the modern era of Jewish history. Whether you are an educator examining new source material to introduce, or an individual seeking a straightforward approach to understanding your cultural and religious heritage, In The Plains Of The Wilderness will bring forth a clarity of history rarely grasped so quickly.

  • Paperback: 308 pages
  • Author: Paul Azous
  • ISBN-13: 978-9657344323

1 review for In The Plains Of The Wilderness: Anthologies Of Modern Jewish History

  1. “A very readable survey of the major turning points and influential personalities in modern Jewish history…and the present state of Jews and Judaism.” Rabbi Dr. Alex Jassen, Center for Jewish Studies University of Minnesota

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