A Day Is A Thousand Years: Human Destiny and the Jewish People


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“A Day Is A Thousand Years” is a unique exposition of major Judaic concepts related to the destiny of the Jewish people and their interplay with the rest of mankind, throughout history and today.

Broad in scope, it addresses a universal audience. People versed in Jewish sources will find here enlightening new perspectives on familiar themes.

Besides its originality and the profound ideas expounded, this book has two other exceptional features. One, the presence of the author, his personality and experiences permeating throughout the book, intertwining with the concepts and forming a framework within which the concepts are discussed and developed. Two, its rich language and beautiful flowing style and imagery, combining prose and verse, classify it as an unusual piece of literary art.

This book unfolds the story and destiny of the Jewish people, the dynamics involved in their interplay with other nations throughout history, and the relevance and significance of these to the understanding and advancement of mankind today. This unfolding requires creating a mode of speech acceptable to all; to advance humanity towards greater mutual understanding.

By means of in-depth, original exposition and analysis of major Judaic concepts contained in Biblical and Rabbinic sources, the author seeks to initiate communication between the Beit Midrash (Torah hall of study) and the enlightened person living today in the twenty-first century, concerning the issue of human destiny and the Jewish people. The pages of this work mainly relate, and through ideas in effect re-create, the true story of the Jewish people.

  • Paperback: 176 pages
  • Author: Dr. Zvi Faier (z’l)
  • ISBN-13: 978-1936778706


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